License To Fly

You have just earned a new job at the Finch Flying Test Center. Your task is to create a program that will test the Finch’s ability to complete multiple tasks and earn its “license to fly.”

The program should test the Finch’s capability to accelerate in x, y, and z directions - if all are greater than or equal to 1, then the Finch passes the test (the user must help the Finch with this task!). Also, the program should evaluate the Finch’s ability to detect obstacles in front of him/her.

Please also write code to appear before and in between tests so that the user can help the Finch complete the tasks.

Upon completing each task, the Finch’s beak should turn either red or green depending on the results of that section. A green beak indicates a successful completion while a red beak results from a failed attempt. Also, you should print the results of all tasks, as well as whether or not the Finch gains his flying license (Finch passes if both tests are passed and fails otherwise).

This assignment was submitted by Justin Loutsenhizer of Franklin Regional Senior High School.

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