Introduction to Programming with Finch

Dianne O'Grady-Cunniff of Charles County Public Schools developed a Finch unit for her Designing Technology Solutions course. This course introduces students to engineering design, as well as programming using Scratch or Snap. You can find the Finch unit here, and a table showing complementary Finch lessons and activities is shown below. You may want to cover some basics for Scratch or Snap before you begin this unit; please see Getting Started with Snap! or Getting Started with Scratch.

To install and start using Scratch, check out this tutorial. For Snap!, the corresponding tutorial is here.




Finch Basics (Scratch or Snap)

6 - 7

Remote Control I


Finch Song

11 - 12

Finch Dance Party

13 - 18

Sensing with the Finch (Scratch or Snap!)

Graphing with Finch

19 - 20

Decisions with the Finch (Scratch or Snap!)

Finch Alarm Clock

20 - 21


23 - 25

Bossy Finch

Simon Says I

Finch Pong I