Finch Slider Control

Create a GUI with sliders that can be used to control the wheels and beak of the Finch. An example is shown below. You will need to create a window with five sliders. When a slider is dragged along its track, the Finch responds by moving its wheels or changing its beak color.

Hint for Java Implementation: You will need to use a JFrame with 5 JSliders labeled and placed inside a JPanel. Create a FinchChangeListener class that implements the interface ChangeListener. This class can be linked to each JSlider using the addChangeListener() method. The ChangeListener interface includes a prototype for a function named stateChanged(). This function will be called whenever a JSlider linked to FinchChangeListener is moved. If you give each JSlider a unique name using the setName() method, you can determine which slider has been changed and adjust the Finch accordingly. 

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