The Beegide Finch

The Beegide Finch is a species of bird native to the land of Nehvurtuebriet. The Beegide is very sensitive to light and doesn’t like it when people move it from its natural habitat. Unfortunately, they are temperamental and get angry very fast when lighting conditions are not just right. Your job is to write code for your Finch that will allow it to better communicate with you. You will need to get it to tell you if the light is too dark, too bright, or acceptable. You will also need to make its nose change color based on how happy it is with its surroundings so that you can find a suitable home for it faster. The brighter or darker the area is, the more red the nose should be. As you get closer to an area it likes, the nose should turn more green. 

This assignment was submitted by Justin Loutsenhizer of Franklin Regional Senior High School.

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