Improving the Obstacle Sensors

The following change can improve the responsiveness of obstacle sensors on Finches sold before November 15, 2011. We found that the left and right sensors were interfering with one another, and so the idea is to eliminate this interference by ensuring that only one sensor is active. To do so, simply place a small piece of black electrical tape over one of the Finch's eyes as in the following picture:

Though this will create a blind spot on one side of the Finch, the overall detection system will work better. 

Upgrading the Detection System

An upgrade can be performed that allows both obstacle sensors to work simultaneously, but it requires placing new firmware on the Finch. The upgrade procedure takes roughly five minutes, but requires special hardware that you may need to purchase. Instructions for doing the upgrade are available here.

We will also make the change at no charge if you send your Finch(es) to:

BirdBrain Technologies LLC
4110 Murray Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

If you send us your Finches to upgrade, please email with tracking information.

Give us roughly 1 week to make the upgrade, after which we will ship the Finch(es) back for free.